Saturday, February 19, 2011

Old Spice Return...

I tried the old spice and I must say its making a comeback! It smell good. One question I have is why do ladies like these wack, cheezy commercials? I'm sorry but these commercials are not that hot but they do seem to be getting the attention of the ladies. I guess sex still sells and all someone who is selling sex has to do is to remove some clothing. Interesting.... Good luck OLD SPICE!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

Life is all about stories. We have to be very cautious of our perception because it can move us into a mental direction that locks us out of a world full of possibilities and lock us into a world of solitude where only mis-information is the dominating journalist. Africa is full of beauty and for African American history lets replace negative stereotypes with the positivity that will spread like a wild fire of hope in peoples lives. Something that will inspire the masses to be more cognize of what we say and not excepting one persons voice as the voice of the masses.
This is what we are seeing all over the world as people overthrow governments such as in Egypt and all over the world. Lets tell the whole story of Africa for 30 days and if its true that habits are created in only 21 days then we would have changed the lives of at least everyone who told a different story. One which entails true humanity and positivity and embraces the lifestyle of people who are filled with love, joy and intelligence. One that spot lights a people who are civilized and healthy. One that says African Americans can hold high positions such as Barack Obama. Lets tell those stories for the month of February 2011 that unites all humanity instead of seeking to separate and destroy. Imagine that!