Tuesday, January 18, 2011

200 Cows drop dead! Coincidence or Sign of the times?

2012's Mayan Calendar theory doesn't seem so far fetched as the natural disaters of the world become more realistic. First the birds, then the fish and the crabs that washed upon the shore in the UK and now COWS??? I think that these things are not just coincidental. I think that we all need to get our priorities in perspective. If you believe in a higher power, now is definitely the time to begin to start your atoning process. These things are out of our control and the world has so many things happening at a speed so complex that we all should be alarmed!
What if next week people start dropping in droves of 500 in any part of the world? The crazy thing is people cannot explain it enough to the point where it makes any sense? The excuses seem like they give some mediocre explanation to what the world witness's as DEATH... An untimely death at that! Death to things that haven't done anything to anybody. Although death is a part of life, no one wants to rush it. No one is in a hurry to see exactly what is waiting on the other side.
No matter what you do in life, let LOVE be your motive. Let it rule your life to lead you to do good to others. When it motivates, it won't misuse people. It won't take advantage of people. It won't steal kill and rape. In the end, at least you can be what appears to be a good person with a good heart who helps rather than wounds. No one knows when their last day will greet them until its here staring you face to face. Give the gift of love today.
You'll be happier tomorrow if you forgive someone today for what they did yesterday. Thats my perspective. Thanx for joining me with my Danzie Dialog. www.danziedezerts.com