Saturday, January 29, 2011

Detroit Police: Attack Video Shows 'Heroism'

Many people ask is there a reason for showing this video. I say yes for many reasons. One, Things like this have a tendousy to surface and leak mysteriously anyway. It also makes me have more respect for the jobs in which they have to do. The police officers did a tremendous job. Not once did they run for their lives. They stood firm to protect and thats a life or death facing situation/job that people sometimes take for granted. They don't get a raise in pay for a shoot out and as opposed to walking a beat or sitting at a desk. Its all in a days work, its just some days are easier than others. Godbee is doing an excellent job in portraying a positive light from a negative situation and is bringing proffesionalism to the fore front as I have mentioned to various city council and police in the past 3 years. Thank God for DPD! Whats your view?