Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fasting for power? Lets do it!!!

Dear God,


Thank you for everything. At times there are moments when we feel we need you more than others and fasting is a clear indicator. I have decided to fast for weak areas in my life to be strengthened and enriched. My prayer is one of humility and guidance and its simply, What do I eat? What do I pray? How do I be? How do you truly want me to be? These are some of the most powerful things to ask yourself in transitioning yourself to becoming all God wants you to be.

In fasting it's a time when we are irritable and so we need God to help us with our attitudes. It's a time when we are searching within for answers. Exercising and proper breathing is important to our bodies. Water is also important to our bodies. Forgiveness is also another important factor in receiving what we want from God.

I utilize fasting as a time to access spiritual things and changes that I would not have been privileged to had I not been in a deep prayer or fast. Jesus said it himself that some things happen only as a direct result of praying and fasting. I believe that some of you are only a prayer or a fast away from a miracle breakthrough. Only believe! If you have your mind, you can begin to put your body back together again. No matter what the ailment or affliction is. Try fasting. Ease into it about a week before hand. Stay prayerful. Ask God to heal you in whatever the area is. Then share your testimonies; I will…

See you in 40 days, with the new and improved me!


~Danzie Dialog- Lets talk about it!~